What Is Minimalism & Why Does It Matter?

When a person is still unsure about what minimalism means, he or she should ask, “What Is Minimalism?” This brief article will explain that the word “minimalism” can refer to many things. Some of the elements of the concept of minimalism are only found in the theory, while others are actually found in reality.

For example, people who are really serious about living simple can think of one simple thing as their basic lifestyle. Those who do not follow the principle of living simple may only have a few things on their list, such as a book, a laptop computer, an alarm clock, and some fancy clothes.

Even those who are truly concerned about living simple may have all the other things that are required for living a lifestyle, but they just choose to follow the second best option instead of the first one. People who want to follow the principles of living simple may end up living in a big house that has many rooms, a nice kitchen, and tons of room for them to move around.

Although there are no problems with living in a large house with a lot of space, many people tend to go overboard. A person might simply hire a car to take him everywhere. Sometimes, instead of living with his or her family in the same house, he or she might be living in a hotel that is not even connected to a subway line.

It is also important to remember that simplicity does not mean poor quality materials. In fact, it is the exact opposite. When we talk about living simple, we should also talk about material objects that make life easy.

If we combine a simple design and a high level of utility, we are able to give ourselves a break from the grind of working every day. Sometimes, our necessities get in the way of our being happy. We need something to make us enjoy life, something that will let us step back and think about what is really important.

Since the concept of living simple does not involve having more expensive materials and luxuries, a person is able to have more free time. If we do not have enough hours in a day, we end up working. If we work for long hours, we may be stressed.

On the other hand, if we can enjoy a lot of free time, we can spend it in different ways. Maybe, we can have a peaceful nap, go to the library, watch TV, or just relax by walking through the park.

Minimalism is about living as well as enjoying life. People who go for the big picture first usually end up spending more money. The theory of living simple may look like the perfect plan when it comes to living a luxurious lifestyle, but it does not necessarily mean that you will only do it for yourself.

When a person realizes that having more luxurious items on your list will not get you the happiness that you expect from it, you can start searching for other people who will share your priorities. Once you find the right people, you will not have to put up with the excesses of other people. You will have the same amount of free time as other people.

Living with a simple design may not be the only thing you should consider when you are starting a new lifestyle. However, those who want to live simple can benefit from this little tidbit.