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Published: 20.01.2015

MILD HOME project aims at introducing a new mode of sustainable building, carefully addressing the local characteristics of each region concerned. A key contribution of the project is the creation of database of local suppliers, developed as a user friendly online tool.

The tool unites the identified during the project local building suppliers, such as manufacturers, providers of materials, components, services, etc. The aim is to ensure that the highest level of efficiency is achieved through minimization of the incurred costs for transportation and storage, thus addressing the environmental and economic constrains related to effective promotion of sustainable development in the respective regions.

The database provides information on the following groups of suppliers, identified as important for the full utilization of the regional potential for supplying locally produced building materials:



  • Insulation (walls and roofs)
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Space heating
  • Space conditioning
  • Water heating
  • Power generation
  • Lightning
  • Water conservation and re-use
  • Materials (Exterior siding and roofing, interior flooring and wall finishing, countertops,etc.
  • Home builders
  • Providers of funding opportunities (such as banks, real estate organizations, etc.)

The database, containing information on the local supply chains is available under the “Outputs and Results” tab, section “WP5 - MILD HOME supply-chains' promotion in different regions and training of technical assistants and market facilitators of the project”.


For direct access, please, click here.