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The MILD HOME Project has been nominated to present the South east Europe Programme in the RegioStars Awards 2015

Published: 06.02.2015

What are RegioStars Awards 2015?

The RegioStars Awards are an intitiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy aimed at capitalizing the most successful projects of the Regional policy of the EU. The focus of the initiative falls on the identification of good practices within the regional development. The idea is to sift out the most innovative practices deriving from the best performing projects and to disseminate the information to the interested parties in order to act as an inspiration tool for them. RegioStars Awards are divided into the following categories:

  • SMART GROWTH: Unleashing SME growth potential for a digital economy
  • SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Mobilizing investments in energy efficiency for the benefit of citizens and society
  • INCLUSIVE GROWTH: Integrating in society those at risk of social exclusion
  • CITYSTAR: Transforming cities for future challenges

The winning projects will be awarded a trophy and a certificate ‘RegioStars Winners Certificate’ by the Commissioner for Regional Policy and by the President of the RegioStars Awards jury.

How the MILD HOME project fits in the framework of the Regio Stars Awards 2015?

The MILD HOME project has been nominated in Category 2 “SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Mobilizing investments in energy efficiency for the benefit of citizens and society”. This category aims to identify the projects which have led to increase in public and private investments aimed at meeting the climate change challenges. Since residential and public buildings are the main contributors to the generation of green-house gas (GHG) emissions, they are seen as having the biggest potential for increase of energy savings. The objectives, according to which the projects will be evaluated should address the following issues:

• Investments in energy efficiency supported as part of broader low-carbon and urban development strategies or sustainable energy action plans

• Public authorities taking an exemplary role, engaging in state-of-the-art renovation of public buildings for improved energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, thus strengthening the innovation demand side

• Investments in energy efficiency in residential buildings particularly successful in contributing to alleviating energy poverty.

• Support for energy efficiency in SMEs that contribute to the overall economic development of the SME

• Successful use of financial instruments, such as loans, guarantees or venture capital

For more Information on the RegioStars Awards, please visit the following website: