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Published: 19.12.2014

In the urban district of Oberwart called St. Martin in der Wart a very special housing project has been started. A view months ago there was presented the project “Future House 2020” within the frame of a press conference and at the same time the ground-breaking ceremony took place. The works are proceeding very fast and recently the topping-out ceremony was celebrated. 

The social housing company OSG takes again a pioneering task. They started to realize a pilot project in social housing in whole Burgenland. In addition this building project represents a trend-setting in the cooperation of meaningful building technology, worthwhile architecture and affordable living. A combination for more living quality in a double sense: low resource consumption, ecological and efficient building for the future on the one side, and qualitative living with lowest energy costs on the other side.

Living attractive and innovative

The architecture is a real team player in the building technology. The architectural appearance is significantly stamped from the requirements of the building technological standard values. The building consists of two structure parts that are oriented to the South-West with 6 apartments each and in sizes of 77 to 99 m². The execution of these two building parts will be done by massive brick construction in combination with wood. 

Inside of the building a massive core constitutes a comfortable living area, which is surrounded by a construction of wood for the “additional energy saving effect”. So it gets created a buffer area to the North of the building to minimize energy losses and to create place for any kind of storerooms in the flats. In between there is the staircase with solar gains through a south-oriented glass roof, which contributes also to further solar energy gains. In the combination of all the implemented ideas, the building results in an optically interesting frame, which is with optimized inclination and orientation useable for photovoltaic panels.

Intrinsic values – building technology

A special focus lies also in the creation of a healthy atmospheric environment and the indoor temperatures. All flats are equipped with a controlled ventilation system as well as a heat pump in a split-performance that can be used for heating and hot water production.

So as it can be seen there have been combined a lot of ideas in the planning process of this building and when this building is realized an accepted by people, the next step can be to combine these experiences and to improve it with the MILD HOME approach and the MILD HOME criteria.