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13.09: MILD HOME Competition of Ideas - Kick-off Conference

MILD HOME Competition of Ideas - Kick-off Conference

13-14/09/2013, Győr, Hungary

Our goal was to inform the participants about the MILD HOME competition of ideas presenting the terms and conditions of the competition and the design task itself. The site of the competition was presented by the chief architect of Tatabánya, our partner municipality. Two invited lecturers from Austria spoke about the emerging needs of sustainability in architectural design. Hermann Jahrmann (Head of the Building Biology Institute in Linz, also PP10 member in the MILD HOME project) presented his software which is studying the factors of the sustainable architecture and the effects of architecture on people. The other lecturer was Juri Troy (Juri Troy Architects) who presented some of his projects reflecting his ecological way of thinking and designing. These introductory lectures helped us to clarify the main aims of our competition. In the afternoon session each doctoral school gave a lecture, introducing themselves to each other and providing useful thoughts in the topic of sustainable and ecological architecture.

At the end of the day most of 93 architects, who participited in the conference, joined in a lively Q&A session, to discuss and understand the goals and the possibilities of the competition and the whole MILD HOME project.

The chosen competition site in Tatabánya was visited by all the participants the next day, gathering additional information about the town and the site itself.

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