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The Project


The aim of this NoE is to provide as far as possible a shared view of the technical and market factors which should be considered in the whole process of implementation of the MILD HOME Project.

Due to the innovative character of the Project, the NoE will provide:

- scientific and designing relevance to the first concept of MILD HOME and of the Eco Green Village (later on called “EGV”) in the SEE area;

- a technical expertise for:

 finding, at European and extra European level, best practices concerning best existent solutions for building houses with high energy performance, taking into account different climatic zones;

 combining materials, components and subsystems already available in the market, in order to reach high performing solutions for the MILD HOME and the EGVs;

 defining a set of rules and conditions for the construction of new MILD HOMES in the SEE area (which will be the first energy and building MILD HOME codes)

- a market expertise in the successive stages of the project (special focus on activity 3.3 “Investigation about the needs and the tendency to purchase and/or build a MILD HOME”);

- an important contribution in assisting Project Partners to establish a permanent platform of dialogue among different stakeholders (coming from public sector – local public administrations – and private sector – energy providers and utilities, investors like financial institutions, banks, fund agencies, and industries). This will guarantee a boost of chances for cooperation between strategic actors at different levels, stimulating investments and laying down the foundations for the project sustainability in the future.


The NoE, chaired by PP9 – SZE, is composed by one or two representatives by each Project Partner and Associated Strategic Partners.

Entities with the status of “Observers” in the project may indicate experts as well. With reference to what established in the Application Form, every six months the NoE will be enlarged, including new experts interested in finding innovative solutions over the project implementation and first results.

The NoE Members representing the Project Partners shall be appointed in written by the concerned Partner in 2 ways:

- by appointment of each Project Partner representative during the Kick off Meeting of the Project (1st convocation of the NoE) and successive meetings;
- in alternative, by appointment of each Project Partner providing a declaration with the following information: logo and name of Project Partner, title and reference number of the MILD HOME Project, name/s of the expert/s and contact details, stamp and signature of the person with signing powers inside the organization. The declaration should be sent, as scanned copy, to the LP (UCV) as soon as available.

Members should have acknowledged technical, market competences and longstanding experience in the fields covered by the Project MILD HOME.


In addition to the abovementioned tasks, the NoE shall provide scientific, technical and marketing know-how upon request of the Steering Committee (SC).
The NoE is required to produce technical notes/advices to be presented during SC meetings as well as in hearings with local institutions and focus group meetings with citizens and general public.

The expert is invited to guarantee his/her presence to (possibly all) the NoE meetings upon request of each Project Partner or on the basis of the specific thematic. This will assure a smooth implementation of the project and long-term continuity to the forecasted activities.


The NoE meeting will be chaired by a representative of PP9 – SZE which will work in strict cooperation with PP10 - BBI.
PP9 – SZE and PP10 - BBI, in accordance with the LP, convenes the NoE at least once every 6 months, generally in coincidence with the Project Meeting date.