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The Project

The Steering Committee (SC) is composed by one or two representatives from each MILD HOME project partner, defined during the project Kick-off meeting in Venice (November 2012).

The SC is responsible for:

 short time running of the proposal taking

 day-to-day management decisions deal with Risk Management by analyzing potential risks & inform the Lead partner in time when possible biases to the action may occur

 assess the quality of the deliverables and verify the Milestones development


The SC has the opportunity to meet in Güssing (Austria), Sofia (Bulgaria), Gyor (Hungary), Bucarest (Romania) and any time the partnership consider strategically important for the smooth implementation of the project.

In these occasions members will ensure that:

 Project risks are assessed & tackled on time

 Deliverables are produce & disseminated on time

 Milestones are used for investigating & measuring progress

 Resource distribution is regularly reviewed

 Tasks, milestones & deliverables requirements & schedule are regularly reviewed

Strategic control of the work plan is maintained