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The Project



The project aims to realize MILD HOMEs conceived for Eco Green Villages in areas of South-East Europe by sharing a common model, adapted to local needs. The main objectives are the following:


Creation of a MILD HOME Network of recognized Experts, with experience in developing new building products and construction systems, as main referents for the future “SEE Environmental Code for the MILD HOME”. They are invited to capitalize as much as possible the know-how and best practices already developed in North-Central Europe and customize them to the South-East Europe needs;


Acquisition of deep knowledge of various market sectors (which differ for climate zones and target users), addressing the product “Eco Green Village based on MILD HOMEs” with tailored marketing programmes;


Involvement of as many Municipalities as possible in the SEE area , committed to address the MILD HOME challenge, providing adequate resources and favourable conditions to ease the birth of an Eco Green Village in their territory. 8 Municipalities will be directly involved in the project, as examples for policies and technologies enabling MILD HOMEs. They are also invited to join the Covenant of Mayors in order to promote its dissemination across Europe;


Creation of enabling conditions for the MILD HOME in terms of : re-zoned low-cost properties for the construction of Eco Green Villages; creation of local supply-chains able to provide building components and materials at affordable prices; training of architects and civil engineers who can adequately assist the areas for the MILD HOMEs, mostly when adopting ”Do-it-Yourself (Diy) models”;


Development of a MILD HOME way of thinking through different activities, like the definition of a “MILD HOME in Eco Green Village” model design and pilot realizations; workshops for the dissemination of technical knowledge between policy makers and technicians coming from different Countries; diffusion of a message of accessibility and affordability to the market (real estate operators and citizens) about the construction of a MILD HOME;


Gathering around the “Eco Green Village” concept 2 kind of actors: invited to submit sustainable proposals to:

- Decision makers and institutional actors;


- Policy makers, citizens and private investors called to find the best ways to make the MILD HOME building feasible and attractive.