South East Europe EU

The Project


1. Technical reports and publications, in order to provide tangible base of Knowledge for MILDHOME and tools for its promotion and diffusion in SEE area:

- a MILD HOME market analysis report at the level of project SEE municipalities;

- a common frame of performance characteristic for the MILD HOME together with a report about potential locations and final users market segments,in witch the SEE Eco Green Villages (EGV) could be well located and addressed to;

- descriptions of MILD HOME at Municipality level containing performance grid, tailored to the local needs;

- the model,structure and organization of EGV;

- the final designs of EGV based on MILDHOME foreseen in the Municipalities taken as pilots

2. MILD HOME databases to be considered the backbones of the SEE network of EGV promoters and developers:

- a MILD HOME experts and stakeholders database;

- a database of SMEs of the local MILD HOME supply chains with evidence of technologies and new materials;

3. MILD HOME design support tools to be shared by architects in the SEE areaeasing the connection of designers of MILD HOMEs with suppliers of building matererials and installers;

4. A guide\"How to build an Eco Green Village based on MILD HOME containing also a proposal of building codes

5. Training curricula, programs and sessions to transfer knowledge and competences to a wide spectrum of MILD HOME potential stakeholders and users

6. A Web portal and a strong communication plan made of publishing, meetings, and tailored technical/promotional events





1. Creation of a permanent SEE network of experts to lead design of MILD HOME and create exchange of know-how; this result will be crucial during the project development and after its conclusion because,thanks to the reputation and competences of this network, the affirmation of the MILDHOME models will be tested

2. Development of conditions and terms on how the EGV, based on MILD HOME,may find place in territory planning documents and building regulations in the SEE area

3. A capacity for the development of design models for the new product MILD HOME and for the EGV according to the Guide " How to build an Eco Green Village" based on Mild Home in the SEE territory. The Guide should contribute to pave the way to the development of tailored building code for MILD HOME in SEE territory and to sensitize policy makers and construction companies of the supply chain about the opportunities to invest in MILD HOME

4. Availability of pilots executive project of the first EGV based on MILD HOME, approved by Municipalities Urban Committee,which will establish reference practices to be emulated by other Municipalities and by Covenant of Mayors

5. Development chances for Innovative component-products for MILD HOME , thanks to the joining of SEE intellectual resources and the development of local supply chains nearby(to lower the transport carbon footprint)the EGV building locations

6. Diffusion in SEE area of MILD HOME Living LAB Communities, which will join in the Mild Home platform and will tell how to put together the main strategic actors for a succesful Eco Village story

7. A preliminary definition of a Code of sustainability for MILD HOME in SEE territories, taking as reference the example of The English Code for Sustainable Homes, which is an environmental impact rating system for housing in England and Wales,setting new standards for energy efficiency (above those in current building regulations)and sustainability, which are not mandatory under current building regulations but represent important developments towards limiting the environmental impact of housing system (rules,regulatory procedures,incentive dispositions issued by Regions and Municipalities will be developed according to it; from this code future standardization documents and energy/environmental certification procedures will start).