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Climate- and Energy Fund: 3.5 million Euro for exemplary refurbishments of company buildings and public buildings

The support programme “model refurbishments” sets a benchmark with 45 role model projects as a basis for new thermal refurbishments of buildings. Refurbishmen... Read more

Start for the 4th “Smart Cities Demo”-Call: Climate- and Energy Fund focuses with 8,5 million Euro on intelligent city development

On the 26th September 2013 started the 4th Call in the Smart Cities-Initiative of the Climate- and Energy Fund. The results of the foregoing years show the success of the initiative: In tot... Read more

​MILD HOME Competition of Ideas started with kick-off Conference

Our goal was to inform the participants about the MILD HOME competition of ideas presenting the terms and conditions of the competition and the design task itself. The site of the competitio... Read more

MILD HOME in Thessaly

The current situation in Greece due to the economic crisis and the increased cost of living makes obtaining a home a distant dream, particularly when referring to young couples. The q... Read more